Hyundai sonata pricing Visalia, CA

Found Good Hyundai Sonata Pricing in Visalia, CA? You’ll Love These Features, Too

Clearly, buying a new car is a lot different than picking out a new pair of jeans or even deciding what type of sofa to buy for your living room. This is a significant purchase that could impact your credit and budget for several years. Choosing a car at the right price is as important a part of the car-buying process as anything else. But you’ll feel more comfortable with Hyundai Sonata pricing in Visalia, CA, when you see what the car will do for you. There’s a lot to like about the features and capabilities this car boasts.

Seven Models!

You read that right: You can choose from seven models when you’re looking for Hyundai Sonata pricing. You can upgrade and add on to each of these, too; it all depends on your style preferences and your lifestyle needs. The Sonata models are the following: SE, Eco, SEL, Sport, Limited, Sport 2.0T, and the Limited 2.0T. The Sport 2.0T, Eco and the Limited 2.0T will thrill you with their turbo engines, while the other models have a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine.

Fuel Economy Stats

Your car may have a reliable engine, spacious room, and an immaculate look, but if its poor gas mileage requires you to make frequent stops at the pump, you won’t be happy. Who wants to spend more money on gas each month than they have to anyway? With the Sonata, you can pass gas station after gas station in Visalia, CA, before you need to fill up your tank again. The Eco model, for example, gets 28 mpg in city traffic and an eye-opening 37 mpg on the highway — that’s 31 mpg combined.

Interior Space

Long car rides won’t be too much for your passengers, because they’ll have sufficient space to sit comfortably and even fit all their belongings for your trip. As you look at Hyundai Sonata pricing, you’ll see that the car has a passenger volume of 106.1 cubic feet, along with 16.3 cubic feet of cargo space. In all, the Sonata has 122.4 cubic feet of interior room.

What Else Is Inside?

The SE model will give you power lock doors and windows, along with a leather-wrapped steering wheel. You and your riders in Visalia, CA, will also appreciate the premium cloth seating surfaces.

At Selma Hyundai, you can find the Hyundai Sonata pricing you like. You’ll soon cruise around Visalia, CA, in a reliable new car.

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